Nadine Shozuya, L.Ac.
2140 Artesia Blvd. Unit A.
Torrance, CA  90504

Thank you for scheduling your first acupuncture/oriental medicine appointment.  Please look over this packet and fill out at least the required information before your first visit.

Required paperwork :

1.    Confidential Patient Information

2.    Consent for Examination and Treatment

3.    Insurance Information OR No Insurance

4.    Past Medical  History

How to prepare for your acupuncture visit:

1.    Please wear loose fitting clothing as some medical exercises may be assigned

2.    Please do NOT brush your tongue 1-2 hours before your appointment as the tongue coat is needed for diagnosis.

3.    Please be sure you have eaten something before you come for your appointment.  Acupuncture will be using the nutrition from the food and directing them to help heal your body.

4.    Please refrain from eating brightly colored candies or foods that will stain the tongue

5.    Remove watches or bracelets from the wrist.  The radial pulse is used for diagnosis

6.    Arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow your pulse to settle.  Arriving late will cut into your appointment time.

7.    Allow 60 minutes for your first visit.  Any additional appointments could be anywhere from 20-60 minutes depending on your need.

8.    We accept Insurance, Visa, Mastercard, Checks and Cash as payment methods.