• Reduce Harsh Medications
    Many western medications have an herbal source.
    Compounds are extracted and isolated making them
    harsh on the human system. Elegant Chinese herbal
    formulas are designed to greatly reduce or even
    completely eliminate harsh side effects. We can
    work with you and your M.D. to help reduce or even
    eliminate your western medications.
  • Natural Weightloss
    "Fu Pang" is the Chinese term for fake fat.
    Western medicine is only now making a distinction
    between healthy and unhealthy fat. Come experience
    a reduction in your "Fu Pang" or unhealthy fat
    in a natural, holistic way. Quietly rebalance
    the body and watch with satisfaction
    as your hard to lose areas disappear.


Ayurveda is a healing art from India that is quickly making a name in the U.S.A. Nadine Shozuya, L.Ac., C.A.P., is one of the rare few who double majored in both Chinese and Indian medicine making her herbal knowledge and applications rock solid. Ayurveda is just as deep in scope as Chinese Medicine and many herbs overlap. I believe there was definitely an exchange of knowledge between the Chinese and Indian healers.